The weapons used in the war of 1812 were rifles with bayonets, muskets and cannons, swords, knifes and pistols. The most common weapons used were muskets, which had a 42-inch barrel and a total length of 57 inches. Also rifles with bayonets, which was a great weapon for far distance shooting or you, can use the bayonet for close up fighting. Pistols were also a good weapon for close distance shooting and were mostly used by army officers. 

   Before the war many of the weapons used by U.S troops came from other countries. During the time the British had the most powerful navy in the world and by having so much power it controlled the seas. When orders in council limited U.S shipping, that limited foreign weapons (Don Nardo. "The War Of 1812". San Diego, CA: Lucent Books. 1991. pg 104). Which left the U.S with what they had. That was until the U.S developed the weapons industry.