The development of the weapons industry

   After the war the U.S made some improvements. First they built a strong and well-trained army and navy, and then developed the weapons industry, which would pay off at the end. American artisans and engineers rose to the challenge. (Don Nardo. "The War Of 1812". San Diego, CA: Lucent Books. 1991 pg.105). They produced muskets, cannons, vessels and gunpowder. The industry was doing good making enough weapons to defend themselves. 

   The weapons industry had its most success when Eli Whitney an American inventor, invented a system of using interchangeable parts in the making of guns. (Miriam Greenblatt. "The War Of 1812 America At War". Facts On File. 1994"Westward Expansion." Digital History. Web. 04 Mar. 2011). The Invention of using interchangeable parts spread to other industries and even other parts of the world. U.S manufacturing grew and it was paying off. By manufacturing increasing American companies even began selling weapons to other countries and ever since the U.S has been one of the worlds major weapons suppliers. The country’s economy went up as well and helped the U.S become a wealthier country. 

The picture above is about the economic growth in america from the 1700s to the 1840s and shows in the 1800s is when it got its biggest boost.