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     This is a primary source. It was a great and very helpful source. It had a lot of information on my topic both on western expansion and the weapons industry. It is also a  trustworthy source.

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     This is a secondary source. This was also a great source. It had a good amount of information on my topic. Also It’s a trustworthy source.


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      This is a secondary source. This like the others had good information and was helpful.  It’s also a trustworthy source. 

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       This is a secondary source. This was a great source it had good information on the aftermath of the war. Its also a trust worthy source.

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     This is a secondary source. It was very helpful and all my pictures used for my project i got from this site. 

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   This is a secondary source. This was a good and helpful source. It had good background information. Its was also a reliable source. 

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  This is a secondary source. This was a great so
urce. It had really good information on the weapons used in the war of 1812. Its also a reliable source.